What Is The Effect Of Mixing CBD And Alcohol?

CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

CBD has long taken the world by storm. The recent legislatures have resulted in this miracle drug popping up in various pharmacies and retailers all over the place. The world has started to see the potential that CBD holds within itself. CBD with its plethora of benefits and health boosts has deemed itself worthy of the popularity.

But what if you are someone that like to cork open the occasional wine bottle after a long day at work? Will CBD with alcohol make for a match made in hell or heaven? Well we are here to help you know if CBD and alcohol go together.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the several components you will bump into when extracting from a cannabis plant. Others include THC and Flavonoids that are all grouped together as Cannabinoids.

CBD is a naturally therapeutic substance that is known for its properties of pain relieving and anti-inflammation. However, CBD is the victim of falsely painted notoriety…

The feelings of intoxications that people associate with taking in marijuana, has been wrongly believed to be the case with CBD as well. CBD is non-psychoactive. The giddiness you feel on taking marijuana is because of THC, which is highly psychoactive!

What Happens When We Mix CBD With Alcohol?

They may amplify each other’s effects. Alcohol is known to relax and inhibit the user. CBD also does well in reducing anxiety and generally calming you down. Pairing these two alongside will result in increased sedation and sleepiness. There will be significant impairment in your movements and motor functions.

There is not much research done on this subject to give a conclusive result. But there are many instances of CBD lessening the blow offered by alcohol!

The Blood alcohol concentration or BAC is the amount of alcohol in your blood. The higher the number, the higher is the level of intoxication and higher is the loss of motor control. One study with a controlled group involved giving fixed quantity of CBD followed by alcohol and another group given a placebo and alcohol. The former group had significantly less blood alcohol concentrations!

This test was done quite a few years ago, and that too with a large dosage (200 mg). So, we can’t really point a finger as to whether this would work for normal doses or not. Several animal testing showed that this was not the case. So take this with a pinch of salt…

The Curtain Closer

All in all, CBD’s interaction with alcohol has not been too well researched. The effects are mild in most cases and will include total sedation in the worst of cases.