An Introductory Guide About CBD Live Resin

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

Live resin is one of the newest CBD products that is gaining popularity among cannabidiol users. This product is special because it has all the essence of hemp flowers at the time of harvesting, and hence it is a more flavorful option compared to other cannabidiol products. They are consumed like other CBD concentrates, i.e. by vaping or inhaling CBD vapors. Besides, it is popular among experienced users due to its quick onset time and potency. Read on to know more about CBD live resin and its benefits.

What Is CBD Live Resin?

CBD live resin is made from hemp plant parts like cannabidiol rich flowers that are not cured, cut and dried. Because of this, it has a rich terpene profile compared to other CBD products like oils, tinctures, edibles, etc. Apart from the flavor, terpenes have therapeutic effects that augment the entourage effect of full-spectrum cannabidiol products. It is useful for treating chronic pain due to higher bioavailability. This is because CBD directly enters the bloodstream through the highly permeable alveoli of the lungs. As a result, the CBD available to the body is higher as it bypasses the first-pass metabolism.

Benefits Of CBD Live Resin

Listed below are the major CBD benefits that you can experience from using live resin.

Better Terpene Profile: The biggest benefit of using CBD live resin is that it has a better terpene profile that gives it fresh flavor and therapeutic benefits. This makes it the most preferred choice among connoisseurs and experienced users.

Higher Concentration Of Phytocannabinoids: CBD live resin is extracted soon after the hemp plant is harvested. Because of this, it will have a higher concentration of cannabinoids like CBD and THC along with their raw acidic forms CBDA and THCA. Also, these acidic forms have a higher affinity towards the endocannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Also, CBD live resins are full-spectrum products that have the added benefit of the entourage effect.

Manufacturers Must Use Good Hemp Plants: To get the rich terpene profile of CBD live resin, manufacturers must use organically cultivated fresh hemp plants. So, if the manufacturer is not using the best hemp plants, they cannot create the smell and flavor of live resin.

Consuming CBD Live Resin

Dabbing: Dabbing is the most common method used for consuming CBD concentrates to experience CBD benefits. It is done using a dab rig, dab nail, and a heat source to heat CBD live resin.

Nectar Collector: It looks like a screwdriver with most of its body covered in a silicon handle with a metal tip. The metal tip is first heated, this tip is then placed in CBD concentrate, and you inhale the CBD vapors.

We hope that the details shared above will help in your purchase and use of CBD live resin.