Myrcene In CBD: Will It Get You Intoxicated?

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Uses Of CBD Oil
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CBD Side Effects

Thanks to the technology of internet connectivity that allows us to immediately fact-check anything that seems far-fetched, rumours that shouldn’t exist are doing just that now. But way back, this wasn’t the case. There used to be a rumour back in school that finely grinding a banana peel, rolling it into a joint and smoking it all up is the sure fire way to reach the stars. We as gullible inexperienced teens didn’t know any better either…

A Load Of Hot Air

Lo and behold, hot air it was. Myrcene is a compound that is abundantly present in bananas. Myrcene is a terpene, which is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. As a matter of fact, Myrcene is also present in many fruits such as mangoes as well.

If you are ingesting a full-spectrum or even a broad spectrum extract of CBD then chances are that it will consist of Myrcene.

There is not even a shred of evidence to back the claim and rumours that it is. It is believed that consuming mangoes or bananas helps marijuana work well, as it helps turbocharge the THC that is present in the marijuana. The “Myrcene activates the THC” which causes the Myrcene to get you high, they say.

To reiterate, and to answer your question: No, Myrcene will not get you high.

Myrcene: The Truth

There is evidence to suggest that certain terpenes help certain cannabinoids to “cross” the blood brain barrier, and that these terpenes use will stimulate the CB1 receptor in the body for cannabinoids. But the terpenes that are in question and the cannabinoids that are being talked about are quite far from the science that it wants to back.

Keep in mind that the terpenes are the fragrant oils that are secreted in different strains of the marijuana that includes other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. This is what you smell when you smell marijuana. They have their own flavours and odours that are distinctive. Apart from the olfactory traits, the benefits include the interaction of the Myrcene with other cannabinoids and the overall strengthening of the strain. It plays a synergistic role and leads to what is called the entourage effect. This is what gives the CBD benefits a boosts, and helps reduce the extent of CBD side effects as well

But the misinformation is what hurts most; the baseless internet rumours that have no scientific backing whatsoever. The rumour that Myrcene gets you high is nothing but a rumour and it is time, to bury it 6 feet under the ground!