What Should You Know About Taking CBD Alongside An Edible Product?

Adding cannabidiol to food items and beverages is popular, for better or worse. Businesses and proponents of CBD are facing many small problems connected with laws on cannabidiol in beverages and food products. The US government made hemp legal back in 2018, but the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of CBD in these products. This means businesses are not allowed to offer CBD drinks and food items.

The Legal Gray Area

In several parts of America, cannabidiol is in gray area. Despite this and the stance of the Food and Drug Administration, several stores keep selling the aforesaid types of products. Many of these businesses testified at the first FDA hearing concerning regulating cannabidiol held back in December 2019.

As cannabidiol keeps appearing in many food products, we cannot help but think whether adding it to drinks and food items work.

Cannabidiol is in everything from candies to lattes to hummus, and it is considered the hottest trend since cauliflower rice. Big corporations such as Oreo and Coca Cola are planning to jump on the cannabidiol bandwagon for some quick money. However, the big question is this: “Is it safe to add CBD to food products and beverages?”

With regards to the science behind taking cannabidiol, things can be slightly murky. Lately, there was a series of strict measures against the illegal act of adding cannabidiol in food, so you would feel consuming it is like eating glass. Actually, almost every CBD food and beverage product will not likely contain anywhere close to 300 milligrams of cannabidiol. As per scientific studies thus far, it is considered the minimum quantity of cannabidiol required for CBD to work well.

Besides the amount of cannabidiol in the product, one more significant factor that helps determine how effective CBD will be is bioavailability.

What Does CBD Bioavailability Refer To?

The term ‘bioavailability’ refers to the percentage of CBD dosage the body can take in to the flowing blood, and the speed at which it can happen. The best possible way to have the maximum bioavailability is to ingest cannabidiol directly into the veins. However, almost everyone is not on the point of starting to fiddle about with injections daily, so that ingesting option is not all that practical.

With regards to bioavailability, the best method of consuming CBD is inhaling it in vapor form. When you consume CBD thus, it will be absorbed into the flowing blood through blood vessels present in your lungs. By vaping cannabidiol, 56% of it can enter the bloodstream.

In regards to bioavailability, there are benefits and downsides to consuming CBD through the mouth, which may vary by the product you use. When consuming it orally, CBD should go through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. So, it takes more time for cannabidiol to take effect than with inhalation. This means you will need to wait much longer to get relief through CBD use, which might not be just as effective.

CBD Edibles

When passing through your digestive system, the body will filter out much cannabidiol taken in an edible form. This will reduce the CBD bioavailability by 75% on average. So when you take a gummy, pill or another form of edible containing 100 milligrams of cannabidiol, the body will absorb just a fraction of it to the blood. So you will not get much value for your money.

Sublingual Consumption

On the other hand, consuming cannabidiol tincture through the tongue (sublingually) is more effective than doing it orally. When you take CBD this way, it will be absorbed immediately into your blood through the vein named sublingual gland. However, in sublingual consumption, enzymes in your mouth will breakdown cannabidiol, which will make the rate of absorption from 12 to 35% according to the product’s quality.

Besides CBD tinctures, you can also consume CBD sprays and CBD lozenges through the tongue. It is easy to take CBD lozenges sublingually; just take one of these pills and put it below the tongue. Then, let the lozenge dissolve slowly instead of biting, chewing or swallowing it. The same ease of use applies to CBD spray too. Just lift the tongue and spray some shots of CBD into the mouth, and hold it below the tongue for a minute at the least.

So Which Is Your Best Choice?

Taking CBD-infused drinks and CBD edibles can be fun, but it is better to make your own edibles and change the concentration. The latter way of consumption helps to confirm that there is an effective quantity of cannabidiol in your treats to have benefits.

At the end of the day, vaping may be the best choice in regards to keeping the bioavailability high. If you prefer not to inhale CBD vapor, consuming highly potent CBD in tincture form is a better option to make the most of it.