3 Factors That Can Make your CBD Potent

Uses Of CBD Oil
Uses Of CBD Oil
CBD Oils
CBD Oils

CBD extracts can be used to address a number of health conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, childhood epilepsy, insomnia, etc., that cannot be treated as quickly using conventional medication methods. As a result, multiple varieties of these wellness products are readily available in the market these days. However, this also paved the way for scams in the field.

It is worth noting that dishonest CBD products can make consumers high. Needless to mention, this can be an issue if you are concerned about failing a drug test. In order to tackle this, you must know that factors that can make your cannabis high and choose your products accordingly. Some of the main factors that can make you high after consuming cannabis are listed below.

Set and Setting

One of the main yet overlooked factors that can make your cannabis high is your surrounding environment. If you are a frequent stoner, you would have experienced different effects when smoking on different days or at different places. However, the effects tend to vary in the case of different people. So, it is recommended to note down your experience after consuming your CBD every time so that you can understand the ways the drug is affecting your mind and body.

Usually, people tend to feel happy, relaxed, comfortable, anxious, tense, uneasy, sleepy, hungry, etc., after taking CBD. Some people may experience a combination of these emotions as well. The positive and negative effects will mostly depend on your present state of mind and surroundings. Hence, it is recommended to consume your drug at a comfortable place.

For instance, entering a crowded area or room after smoking CBD is more likely to make your anxious or tense. In case you tend to feel sleepy after consuming your weed, it is better to have it before going to bed. Similarly, you can decide which setting or surroundings works the best for you while smoking CBD and prepare yourselves accordingly.

Extraction Method

Another factor that can make your CBD oil high is its extraction process. Low-quality cannabis extraction processes will not effectively remove THC and other compounds that boast psychoactive elements from CBD oils. This can result in triggering the euphoric high sensation after consuming such products. In order to avoid such issues, it is highly recommended to choose the CBD products that are sourced through the CO2 extraction method.

Note that this method is coveted to produce the most potent and pure extract when compared to other options such as solvent and olive oil cannabis extraction methods. Plus, the chances of having contaminants in the end products are minimal to zero in this case. However, relying on this method is a huge investment and if not done properly, it can backfire putting the reputation and revenue of the manufacturers at stake. So, CBD products sourced through the CO2 process will be relatively more expensive.

In this method, the whole extraction process is carried out in a closed-loop extractor that contains 3 chambers in which the first two chambers contain pressurized CO2, dried hemp plant respectively and the final chamber separates the subsequent product. During the process, the dried ice or pressurized C02 will run through the dried hemp plant extracting the cannabinoids, which is pumped to the final chamber. Here, the CO2 will be collected at the top and extract at the bottom of the third chamber. Finally, the extract is refined to eliminate the residues of toxic components, if any.

Delivery Method

There are multiple ways to consume CBD such as vaping, smoking, edibles, topical crèmes, pills, etc. Note that the way in which you ingest cannabis can also affect its effect. After all, the way your body will interact or react to each method tends to differ and so will be the effects or experience. The best way to determine the perfect CBD ingestion method for you will be a trial and error test.

Keep in mind that the effect of CBD edibles tends to last longer when compared to crèmes, vaporizers, and pots. The former is reported to be a stronger alternative as well. So, the latter will be an ideal choice if you don’t want to get high. However, you can control the dosage of other methods like vaping more effectively when compared to CBD pills and other edibles. However, it will be easier to evaluate the dosage or amount of drugs you are consuming in the case of joint rather than vape pens.

Furthermore, the potent hit that you are likely to get from puffing a joint will be less when compared to dabbing CBD oils. In short, many factors associated with the delivery method can make your CBD high and it is better to understand your limits or the method that works the best for you and stick on to it. After all, it is not necessary that a person who can smoke a blunt daily will be able to consume a half pot brownie.