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CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety

The situation seems to be grim as the World Health Organisation (WHO) tallies the statistics that put close to 264 million people around the world in grips with their own demons-anxiety. No one is immune to it, and it is just that some are more susceptible than others. You may have a habit of overthinking all the possible ways that a situation could go wrong; you may feel fear gripping you and your knees buckling the minute you step on stage to address a gathering, or you may be dealing with chronic anxiety- worrying for no particular reason.

We are not taking into account the first day-jitters of starting a new job, or when entering an exam hall. We are talking about something a little more serious and leave people broken and weakened emotionally.

What comes as a sigh of relief for many is cannabidiol, which may possibly mean an end to the invisible killer. CBD has in it the ability to restore balance and help you reclaim your life-one that you so sincerely deserve.


It is the result of the nervous system reacting to a threat when actually there isn’t one. This is characterised by a quickened heart pace, tightening of the skin, blood flushing off the face, and an uneasy feeling in the stomach as a result of excess production of gastric juices. You start to shake and sweat while coming to terms with an impending sense of doom.

Although this will continue only momentarily, there are plenty of lasting effects that will leave your physical and mental health in tatters.


There are many CBD health benefits that the drug holds under its belt. One such trait is its ability to control anxiety. There are studies held in 2011 that showed the strong effects that CBD had on a group of subjects.

The study involved a group to which 400mg of CBD was given right before they were to present a speech before an audience. The subjects had much lower levels of anxiety and were significantly relaxed.

The interaction of the CBD with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body; a system that regulates mood and stress is what helps CBD to be effective in treating anxiety by attacking at the core. The CBD relaxes the mind and keeps the user in a controlled state.

You can take CBD by means of oils, gummies, teas, and tinctures…the choices are endless. Try CBD for anxiety and don’t become a prisoner of your own mind.