Ways to Consume CBD

CBD Isolate Oil
CBD Isolate Oil
CBD Consumption Tips

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the components of medical marijuana. Derived from hemp, this substance does not make the user feel ‘high’, plus it is not addictive. You may already know that consuming CBD has several health benefits, but, are you aware of the ways to use it? You mainly have four ways in which you can consume it, and we will every single one below.

Method One: Inhalation

When inhaled, CBD goes into the lungs and the blood flowing in your body. This is why inhaling is among the quickest methods to feel the effects of CBD. You can draw in cannabidiol in oil concentrate form in two ways, each of which we will below.

  • Smoking

Cannabidiol oil concentrate can be smoked with a device similar in form to a cannabis pipe, known colloquially as “oil rig”. You heat the nail, which is the camber in which you put the concentrate, and dab the oil to it. This creates the smoke you draw in.

  • Vaping

CBD oil can be vaped using a pen-shaped vaporizer. For having the most possible effect without the feel of the smoke in the throat as well as lungs, try this instead of the above-mentioned inhalation method.

Method Two: Sublingual Application

You can buy CBD oil tinctures and consume it beneath the tongue. Just add some drops beneath it, hold the oil in the mouth for half a minute and swallow. This effective method will make you feel calm and well.

Method Three: Ingestion

An easy and fun way to consume CBD is to add this substance to your food. CBD edibles will not lead to any psychoactive effects.

Besides buying pre-manufactured CBD-infused food items, you can make the edibles at home, like CBD-infused pasta or butter. Just know the amount of CBD oil that you add to the food.

Method Four: Topical Application

This means you apply CBD, as represented by an ointment or balm, on the skin. This may be the easiest method of taking CBD because it requires no special knowledge or tools to use. Just discover the dosage which you would like to have, and apply that much on the skin. This is ideal for migraines, skin conditions such as acne, and sore muscles. The balm can be applied directly to any sore spots, like the back, feet or neck.