What Are The Uses Of CBD As A Medicine?

Therapeutic CBD Chocolates
Therapeutic CBD Chocolates
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

CBD benefits have made it a highly desirable ingredient in medical products such as supplements. This is because, when we ingest them they attach to the same receptors the endocannabinoids of our body attach to. It can be beneficial for certain medical conditions, because it provides the same biological downstream effects similar to the endocannabinoids. For example they have positive effects on respiratory, cardiovascular, skeletal and neurological disorders. This article will try to shed some light on the uses of CBD as a medicine.

The Current Status Of CBD’s Medical Use

From multiple studies there is conclusive evidence of pure CBD’s effectiveness in reducing the frequency of seizures in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome. Hence, the FDA has approved a pharmaceutical drug Epidiolex that is derived from pure cannabidiol. Listed below are some of the medical conditions in which CBD is useful.

Epilepsy And Seizures

Besides its effectiveness for LGS and Dravet syndrome, CBD is useful for managing a broad range of convulsive seizures. This is because of its neuroprotective effect, as well as due to the possibility of using it with other anti-seizure medications. It is found to be particularly effective in the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy in children. So, by optimising its dosage there is a possibility of using it with other medicines to get potentially better outcomes.

Multiple Sclerosis

From a series of medical studies it has been found that CBD is useful in treating muscle spasticity from multiple sclerosis. As a result, it improves the overall mobility of patients and thereby a better outcome. Similar to the earlier case, this positive effect of cannabidiol is due to its neuroprotective effect.


From clinical trials it has been found that administering controlled doses of CBD for autistic children resulted in improving their general alacrity. It reduced sleep and rage attack issues, and increased their general activity. But, the effects and risks of long-term administration are still to be assessed.


In clinical trials involving schizophrenic patients CBD has been found to be effective; using it improved both positive and negative symptoms associated with it. Compared to antipsychotic treatment cannabidiol is more preferable than regular pharmaceutical drugs due to their long lasting negative effects.


One of the biggest reasons for the wellness claim of CBD products is its anti-inflammatory effect when used both topically as well as ingested. Preclinical data shows that it reduces inflammation due to arthritis, colitis, pulmonary inflammation and neuroinflammation. Even, subsequent results are also promising and many brands have anti-inflammatory CBD creams and balms.

You should know that as of now CBD is useful in alleviating the symptoms of diseases discussed above, but it cannot cure them.